The Savannah Wedding Officiant!

Q:  Does The Chatham County Courthouse provide employees to perform Justice of the Peace Wedding Ceremonies at the Courthouse?

    NO.  Couples wishing to get married in Savannah must have a Professional Wedding Officiant or Wedding Minister or a Member of the Clergy preside over the wedding ceremony.

Q:  Do we need to obtain a Marriage License prior to the Wedding Ceremony?

‚Äč     YES.  The process is easy.  After you receive the Marriage License, your Wedding Officiant will sign the license at the wedding ceremony.

Follow the directions here: Probate Court/Marriage in Savannah

Q:  Is there a waiting period once we apply for the Marriage License?

     NO.  If a Wedding Officiant is available to perform the ceremony, you may et married on the same day that your Marriage License is issued.

Q:  Is there a Fee for the Marriage License?

     YES.  The fee is $66.00.

Q:  Is a permit required to get married in one of Savannah's Historic Squares or in a Savannah Park?

     NO. Unless you wish to "Reserve" the space or if you plan to host more than 100 guests.

Q:  Do you perform Same Sex Marriages in Savannah?

    YES.  We are strong advocates for Equality in Marriage and are happy to be a part of your special day!

Frequently Asked Questions about Savannah Wedding Ceremonies

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